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Friday, August 23

I Love Snail Mail

I have recently been doing some 'productive procrastinating' as I like to call it.
It's not actually getting done the things I need to get done ... & it's just enjoying doing random crafty, & creative things.
I suppose you could call it research, or 'getting your craft on' ... but as I really should be doing something else, I call it productive procrastinating.

With such, I have been spending a bit of time playing around with packaging ideas for my two micro businesses, i made this for you   ... & then some. It has always been a bit of an issue for me. Do you just throw a business card into the parcel, or do you include a personal note? Do you include freebies? How do you let people know that you appreciate their custom & would love for you to tell their friends about what you do, & hopefully/maybe come back one day? How do you give a customer the same gooey feeling that they get when they walk into their favorite bricks & mortar store, when they open their parcel from your online store?

I have been lucky enough to get quite a few postcards and the like printed for free of late, and I have started including them in the parcels. But that was simply not enough for my liking. I wanted to make a little song and dance about saying 'Thank You' when a customer opens the parcel.

This is what I have come up with for now.


It includes some business cards and postcards and a fridge magnet or two, from both of my shops, [cross promotion can't hurt right?]
As well as a Thank You / Discount card for return customers, & potentially any other bits & pieces that take my fancy. has recently had a big upgrade and now includes customer codes, so you can enter a special code [provided by individual shops] at the checkout for your discount. Way cool! So I made a special Thank You card that I can write a note on, that also has a return customer discount code printed on it. That code is valid for both shops, can be used over & over again, & will never expire! It is my way of sharing the handmade love.

But the bit I like the most is the gift tags I made. They are all hand cut from salvaged kraft board, with a hand cut sticker made from paper that I printed, and then stamped myself. I am kinda proud of them. And because I don't write on the back of them, they are also a handy free gift tag for you! Even the string is certified food grade, so you can use it to tie a bunch of herbs together next time you make soup ... please don't forget to take off the tag though if you do ... I don't trust printer ink to qualify as a food group.
Anyway, I hope you like them. You can be sure there will be a few keeping your parcel company while it journeys with the postman. 

SO ... As all return customers now get a 5% discount card included with their promo 'hello/bonjour/with love/thank you' pack ... if you have purchased from me before ~ or even if you have not - and just can't resist free stuff, or you love snail mail that is not for Bill [gee I wish he would get his own post box!] ... just pop me a digital mail with your name & post address to  with 'I love Handmade & Snail Mail' in the heading, & I will be sure to send you out a promo 'hello/bonjour/with love/thank you' pack as fast as the snails will carry it.

Disclaimer or what-have-you :- I promise not to use, sell, or even store your name, email or post details. I will not send you spam, or add you to any kind of mailing list. I sure as heck will not be selling your details to anyone, or any thing. In fact I will be chucking out all details as soon as I have written the address on the envelope.  Cross my heart & kiss my elbow.
One day I may have a mailing list for newsletters - but not today - so you are safe from spammy harm.

Happy Handmade Love


Mozzie&Mac said...

Wow, that looks incredible! What lucky customers you will have :)

Lisa Wong-Kam said...

Well you have been busy! All looks gorgeous and what a lovely gift for your customers to receive. You just cant get that kind of love from a department store. Thats why I love to buy handmade. All the little details that make it so special. Thanks for sharing Elodie.
Lisa xox

i made this for you ... and then some said...

Thank you Lisa & Cori xoxo
I think its worth the extra effort to [hopefully] make someone smile :) That's the idea anyway.

Sprinkles Fancypants said...

Procraftinating... grin.

p.s Lovely work.

i made this for you ... and then some said...

Love it - a new word! Procraftinating!
Thank you!

Jelaine said...

Wonderful. All this gives me warm fuzzies! Love your work :)