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Wednesday, July 17

The human condition part 1.

One thing I am grateful for, is that you can't take away, steal, destroy, harm, or kill memories.
Memories are beautiful and private things that no one can touch. 
They may change and alter over time to suit your needs, but they are still as real as any event that caused them. Maybe more-so. 
And things may not always turn out as you plan, or hope, or even as you dream and wish.
They will turn out how they were meant to be however ... or so they say.
My hopes and dreams of life in Europe may have be beaten to a bloody pulp, but I can still feel the cobble stones under my feet.  And I can still feel like I am floating around the steeply staired streets of Montmartre in a dream ... whenever my heart allows.  I can still feel the light ... smell, and taste the air of a balmy and magical afternoon in Venezia. (But then again, I have the suspicion that all moments in Venezia are magical.)
Those memories will never be erased. 
I can be there any time I want. 
Sure ... time may be linear if you believe in the thermodynamic laws of entropy ... But memories and hearts are not.
Phew! Lucky! 

... and if memories ever fade, there is always photographs.

Much hand made love xoxox

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