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Sunday, May 5

Baby Tree ~ With love

Hi all,

I know, I have not had much to say for a while, but this is something I really want you all to know about.

There is this amazing human being by the name of Koky Saly.

He builds schools.
Yep - he actually raises money, & goes out there into the world & builds schools, where there was not one before. Amazing!
He has developed a not for profit organisation called Baby Tree Projects - you can visit them on facebook here. Or on their website here.

Koky & his dearly departed sister Sophia are also the masterminds behind the social enterprise of Boy & Bee ... it is just starting out so you can makes friends with them here on the ye book of faces, or visit the website here.

Koky is such a beautiful person, & I'm sure if you ever got the chance to meet him you would want to do all that you can to help him on his quest for a more beautiful planet for all humans to live, with love & happiness.

In fact - you can meet him!

Here are some amazing videos of Koky & his Baby Tree.

So ... the awesome news for you is, it is soooo easy to get involved & help make the world a better place. You don't even have to move from where you are right now!

Baby Tree Projects has recently announced their partnership with an fantastic Australian owned business called Etiko Fairtrade. Which is awesome news!
Etiko have offered all BabyTree supporters 10% off any of their amazing eco-friendly & ethically made products - & on top of that will donate 10% to BabyTree!
10% Off for you + 10% donated to BabyTree. 

How cool is that? Very, I would say!

But wait there's more...
In the month of May for every pair of sneakers they sell online, they will give a pair of sneakers to a kid in the BabyTree communities. Koky will personally deliver the sneakers at the end of May! Brilliant!

What are you waiting for?
Koky is making it too easy for us to change the world while sitting at a computer - So why wouldn't you spread some love & happiness, & make the world a better place for us all to be ... & get some cool stuff while you are at it?

Here is the promo add that is going around for this super cool deal - feel free to share it on ye book of faces, or pin it to whatever board you like! ... Maybe you could even get a little birdy to send out the message...

And here is the link to
Etiko Fairtrade so you can go buy some stuff, & change the world at the same time!!
Thanks everyone for watching, & listening ... It really does mean a lot!
Spread the word.
Stacks of love to you,
'Til next time!


Kylie said...

Just awesome.. thanks for sharing x

i made this for you said...

Thanks for reading Kylie xoxo
Indeed Koky is an amazing human, doing amazing things in the world. I didn't mention that we studied at Uni & exhibited together, & I will do whatever I can to help him on his quest. Such a beautiful boy! XxX