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Saturday, February 9

From Madeit with love

From madeit with love ~ is an event being held in memory of Tammy & to support her family.
Tammy was a mother, hand crafter, & madeit seller [as am I]

Madeit sellers will be uploading fundraising items to their madeit shops from 8pm on Wednesday 13th February 2013, you can locate the items by searching 'madeit with love' on the website.
Individual madeit sellers will then donate the proceeds from the sale of their handmade items directly to the fund supporting the Boorer Family.

Please participate in the 'From madeit with love' fundraiser.
The story of what has happened to the Boorer family is truly heartbreaking, you can find out more from the event page on facebook & on on the event night.

This is the item I have made for the 'From madeit with love' fundraiser.

It is one of my popular hand stitched felt deer fawns ~ but this one is different.
Every stitch has been done with all the love I have inside me, & with all of my loving thoughts of how precious every family is.

With all of the love put inside this fawn while it was created, it is sure to bring some good vibes & love to whoever gives it a home.

Also it has love hearts rather than the usual spots on its back!
I will never make another one like this with the love hearts - this deer fawn is special & was made just for this fundraising event.

I hope you can visit on the 13th of Feb ~ the day before St Valentines day, & spread some love.



Kylie said...

So beautifully written and what a special little fawn going up for sale. One little person will be very lucky to have him/her x

i made this for you said...

Thanks Kylie, that means a lot to me xx