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Monday, January 7

Web site is À go.go

After a year of faffing around, I finally got around to re-building my website & it is on line!


Gone are the restorations, leadlight, ceramics & all
of the hot things from the kiln, now it is all about 'i made this for you' & the fun fabric things these hands create.

This is a handmade life that I am living, so of course I built the site myself.
Feel free to comment & leave an opinion of your world wide web experience, but please be kind to this little crafter.

There is a little badge just over there to the side ... or maybe you are old skool & like the wordy linkages?

Anyway ... There is more work to be done today ... Can't sit around typing all day ... New adorable cotton baby blankets are arriving very soon to my made it store ... Maybe today / maybe tomorrow ... I will keep you posted ...

Cheers for now ...

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