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Sunday, January 20

The bunting song ...

Good morning Sunday ... you look lovely. 

This fine day I am cranking up ye olde Singer machine & making bunting ... lots of bunting! [Hello neck ache]

To boost me along I have a sweet song in my head about bunting by one of my favorite bands ... So I thought I would share it with you.

Buntings & new made it listings to come ... Enjoy the tune!

And why yes ... if you have never seen or heard of this band you may be still be recognising the wicked bass moves of the one & only Paul Simonon [The Clash] The brilliant talent of Damon Albarn [Blur, Gorillaz etc] The smooth guitar of Simon Tong [The Verve] & The totally awesome drumming of none other than the truly amazing Tony Allen, who is just too much of a legend to even mention his past works.

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