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Friday, January 11

New Things ...

This week I managed to finish & upload to my made it store the new Baby Blankets I have been working on ... So I thought it was about time I shared a few images of some of the other fabric things I make with you on this here blog ... Everything I make uses natural fabrics like 100% Cotton & Wool Felt ... Of course more detailed information about each item & heaps more pictures can be found in my made it store or my website ...


 Baby Blankets with kawaii appliqué wool felt sleeping baby animals
 Rattle Blocks & Balls

 Hand stitched Felt Animal Friends ... I love the Deer Fawn :)
More Rattle Blocks & Balls with a Cuddle Cloth ~ because matching sets make awesome gifts!
Hand stitched Wool Felt Baby Shoes
  The shoes I make come in a little shoe box I make from a cereal box
  Felt friends in the garden [where animals like to play] 
Bunting for your garden tea party [because felt friends love tea parties]

Thanks for looking ... 

Till next time ...


Kylie said...

Oh, those little red shoes melt my heart!! I love your clever packaging for them too - so resourceful!

i made this for you said...

Thank you so much Kylie! <3